5 Ways You’re Destroying Your Dryer

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Are you using your dryer correctly? Many users unknowingly abuse the machine. Learn the top 5 mistakes people commonly make to avoid a costly appliance repair.

Using a dryer seems simple enough — just load the clothes, throw in a dryer sheet, close the door, and turn it on. Right?

But as simple as it seems, many users don’t realize they’re making small mistakes that may hamper their efforts and eventually harm the machine. Be sure you know how to properly use your dryer to avoid a preventable call to an appliance repair technician.

Not eliminating lint

Leaving lint in the dryer filter lowers the efficiency of the machine by slowing down the drying process. It can also cause the dryer to overheat and possibly catch fire. Although, torched clothes are one way to avoid folding laundry… Make sure to clean out both the lint filter and the trap.

Not cleaning out your pockets

Gum or crayons left in pockets create chaos inside of a dryer. Not only will you stain your clothes, but gunk stuck on the inside of the machine requires special attention. Be careful cleaning it out, or you could clog the drum holes, creating a fire hazard. To avoid a bigger mess, try vacuuming up the chunks of trash and scraping the remains with a flat, hard edge. Then, scrub the drum with a light spritz of vinegar to remove any sticky residue.

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Using too many dryer sheets

Don’t use too much of a good thing. Dryer sheets may make your clothing soft, static-free and smell fresh, but they have a waxy layer that melts in the dryer. Using too many can gum up the appliance.

Overloading the dryer

Trying to kill two birds with one stone by drying two loads at once? It won’t work. The machine can’t efficiently dry excess clothing in the same amount of time it takes to do one load, so you’ll still end up using the dryer twice as long. You’ll also double the weight inside the dryer, making it work harder and wear down faster. Additionally, the poor air flow in the dryer could lead to a fire.

Drying an item you shouldn’t

Plastic, rubber and foam materials are more likely to cause fires. Read the material’s instructions before putting anything you’re unsure about in a dryer. Bathroom rugs, for example, have rubber backs, so it’s best to stick them on the line or lay them out to dry.

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