Air Conditioners & Gas Boilers from New York City, New York

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Air Conditioners & Gas Boilers from New York City, New York

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Manhattan Appliance Repair Plus Cooling and Heating is based in New York City, New York, and provides installation and services of air conditioners and gas boilers. We service a variety of small commercial businesses and residential customers. Our services are available for:
• Churches & Schools
• Charter Schools
• Computer Rooms
• Commercial Stores
• Community Systems
• Private Residents
• Apartment Buildings
• Condominiums

Air Conditioning
Your air conditioning controls the heat in the summer time. Our HVAC service technicians can recharge the refrigerant, install new systems, and provide maintenance contracts, as well as provide repair and replacement services. Our maintenance contracts provide the necessary ongoing maintenance to ensure that you have less breakdowns, saving money in the long run.

New Installations
For new construction or upgrading existing systems, our installation service is great whether you’re servicing an entire home,
an office space, or a single room. We install high-efficiency systems, which save both energy and money and promote a healthier environment.

Gas Boiler Installation
Whether you’re installing a new gas boiler or converting an oil system to gas, our technicians specialize in servicing gas boilers. Gas boilers burn cleaner and offer a rebate from the gas companies, allowing you to heat your home with a less expensive, cleaner source of energy. We also install water heaters in residential homes.

Service Pumps & Cooling Towers
These are the pumps that circulate the water through cooling and heating towers to heat or cool a building. We can also provide installation of these as well. Customers can contact us by phone at (212) 784-6165

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