Cleaning Tips: How to Make Laundry Less of a Chore


Laundry tips include wrinkle-free towels and ironing boards and how to whiten socks without using bleach.

Here are a few easy fixes for common laundry issues:

• Wrinkly towels, jeans or linens? No time to iron? Fold them then take a seat on them as you fold other clothes.

• Don’t want to spring for a sweater drying rack? Drape items over an old window frame with fiberglass screen instead.

• No need to iron your ironing board cover? Just put it back on the board while damp. It will dry perfectly unruffled.

• To de-lint corduroy, brush with a clothes brush while still slightly wet.

• Wet mittens or socks can be dried by fitting them over jars and putting the jars on top of a radiator.

• Want whiter socks? Boil them in a pot of water with a lemon wedge.

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